Karina Lanting

Hi, I'm Karina.


A Holistic entrepreneur and Social Marketer Dedicated to helping you live the healthy life you desire

If you are ready to get at your inner bad ass and run wild with your health, wellness and financial goals, let’s chat.


Are you new to Gluten free & totally lost?

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I’m just your average bae, born & raised in a small town and never really left. I’ve got a full family life with 3 young boys, 2 chocolate labs and an amazing husband.

I’ve been submerged in nutritional education for the last decade in hopes of supporting my men due to complications from their autoimmune disease. I currently and working to complete an additional undergraduate degree in Biology to complete my Masters in Food Nutrition. I’m passionate about healing gut trauma through food and am excited to share all that with you.

My work today focuses on helping others transitioning into a gluten-free lifestyle because damn, it can be TOUGH. My blog, online support groups and podcast are great free resources to get you started on your own gluten-free journey.

I am here as your friend, truth-teller and cheerleader and am really pumped you found me! Together we’re about to bring out your inner greatness and if you want, turn your healthy lifestyle into a business.
— Karina Lanting