Karina Lanting

Looking to Escape that

Gluten-filled Life?

And every time you turn around, there it is, on the ingredient list: 

wheat. or may contain wheat.



It can feel like that sneaky wheat protein is in everything and learning where it is hiding can take a really long time.

I remember back in 2010 when my hubs was really, really sick from undiagnosed celiac disease, I just wished there was someone around me I knew that was going through this too. You know what they say, misery loves company, right?

All I wanted was someone that could connect me with resources to the new products I’d need, would be real about the struggles I’d be facing and help me to find a network of people that really understood and could support this new lifestyle. Because #realtalk: This transition can be tough.

But it doesn’t have to be.

That’s why I decided to create an online support group, align with a gfree brand and create a digital footprint of

What I wished someone would have told me when we first went gluten free.


Get outta here gluten,

nobody invited you.



Think of me as your very own gluten-free fairy godmother! You can gain from my experience and avoid mistakes that could be costing you your health. This guide and these products will help start you off on the right foot, learning to live completely gluten-free.


30 days Gluten-Freedom


  • Start program any time

  • daily motivation with recipes, meal plans, travel information, shopping lists etc.

  • online support group with LIVE weekly Masterclasses

  • certified gluten free and vegan supporting products

  • Free downloadable support guide

Sounds delicious, right?

I have compiled all my knowledge + the best supporting products to give you the ultimate gluten-free experience.


I have structured this 30 day approach around a brand that has incredible supporting products for 2 reasons:

  1. This is as “fast food” as gluten-free is going to get, and

  2. Because I can’t provide the product sophistication of gluten free and vegan certifications; timely production & shipping of my own products; or the finances to start such an undertaking. I rely on a trusted brand that has been around since 1980 and am pleased to share their products with you in this special program. AND YOU NEED SUPPORTING PRODUCTS. To not only rebuild your gut health, but also to get used to sticking to health goals without loosing your mind counting macros.

But before I say another thing, I want you to know if you go through all 30 days and totally hate everything you tried, you can send it back for 100% refund (but I honestly doubt you will).

skills You’ll develop

  • develop meal plans & recipe conversions

  • master shopping lists

  • learn self-care & wellness tips for a holistic approach

  • shared-space living arrangements tips

  • travel guide: how to camp, hotel & air bnb

  • identify safe products

  • access to an online resource bank of materials to support your goals

Products you’ll get:

  • 2 bags of protein powder (30 days x2)

    • chocolate and/or vanilla

  • 2 boxes of energy drinks (30x2)

    • pomegranate and/or citrus

  • 2 boxes of herbal detox tea (20 bags x2)

  • 1 box Digestion Plus Pre & Probiotics (30 servings)

  • and your choice of:

    • 1 bag fiber boost

    • 7 day body cleanse

    • greens balance powder

Not sure you want to work with me yet?

Get free access to the program for one week!


Come hang out with us For the first week of the program and receive daily education on living your best damn gluten-free life.

While you won’t receive any products,
you will see the immense value I bring to the table in going gluten-free.