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#07...about marketing and social hot spots with Jocelyn J. Kopac

Join my guest, Branding Strategist & Podcast Host Jocelyn Kopac and I as we unpack and the dirty truths about branding your business. Listen in on her best tips on creating content, where you should be hanging out online and why you should just outsource your laundry already. Buckle up, this is a jam-packed episode you’re going to want to share with your work bestie!

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#02...about originality with Samantha Siffring

Meet Samantha, Mom of 3, Mindset and Business Coach based out of Denver, Colorado and host of the podcast The Badass Mother. She joins me to talk about originality and how to leave your individualized mark in your industry. With a Bachelors in Psychology and Marketing and a Masters in Counselling, she is the REAL DEAL. Tune in now to grow your mindset with her daily habits and advice.

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#01...about ambition with Sara Funk

Listen in to my first guest, Sara Funk, share her advice and experience on ambition and how to keep going in tough times. Discover your own mental blocks that could be preventing you from being where you want to be in your life or business. Learn how to set goals and work towards achieving them through systems like pockets of significance and sharing your intentions with those around you (yes, even you kids!) to be held accountable and so everyone knows why you are doing what you are doing, in times when it might feel scary.

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