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I'm just a girl who enjoys minding her business...Literally.





I like, really like e-commerce and social marketing.

And I also really like sharing information and resources, empowering my tribe here on my site.

It's a passion I can't keep quiet so, here we are.

You can find out all that info by clicking around, but here is where you’ll e-meet me.

So, hey. I’m Karina and most days you can find me perched on a couch in my office, nursing a cold cup of coffee and catching up with my business partners and clients. I have a beautiful south-facing view that looks out to the cul-de-sac ending at our street. I can watch my kids play street hockey, take a peak in my vegetable garden and look at my new Jeep, all in one glance. Ahhh.

I’ll be sitting here, fancy up-top so I can hop on a video-chat at a moment’s notice, but probably rocking leggings, 3 pairs of socks and a lap-blanket covered in dog hair from the waist down.

image via    Sarah Sovereign

image via Sarah Sovereign

I’m obsessed with my 2 dogs, watching old episodes of the The Office and will take my latte flat with almond milk, extra hot, please. I am totally a smitten kitten with my kids too, but.. well… they simply are too old to be leashed.

Sidebar: I also think I’m funny.

And I’m sure most of the stuff that will leave you saying WTF on here, will be my sad attempts at humour.

Warning: my favourite jokes are ‘that’s what she said’ ones so…you can see where the bar is set.

When I’m not too busy, you’ll find me with my nose in a book on a beach somewhere. Living in the Pacific Northwest provides so many beautiful beaches that we live at all year round.

I share all that stuff in my love letters sent out after subscribing to my email list.

Full stop, WHUT?

Do people still have those?

You bet. I use mine to share not only exclusive content and deals on health and wellness stuff, but also give you a glimpse into my life and business thats bigger than you’ll see on social media.

Think of it as my personal love letter to you every week.



 I mean, obviously I don’t wear pink every Wednesday…but…

see ya around


My work is devoted to building global empires in the health and wellness industry with smart, positive and driven individuals. I love using today’s technology and partnering with incredible brands to grow in international markets. I’m partnered with the #1 Health & Wellness company and am committed to sharing the best resources possible with you.
— Karina Lanting

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