Gluten Free Donuts


Eat more hole foods.

donut kill my vibes, boo.


I mean we’ve all been there.

That moment you realize a food you live and breathe for, start your day dreaming of, can’t live without is now off limits?

That’s a day ender.

Or at least it was for me.

Donuts are my jam. Maple dip? Chocolate glaze? Apple fritter!? All besties that never let me down.

When I married the dutchman over a decade ago and discovered they traditionally kick off the new year with homemade donuts, I knew I had picked a winner. Talk about complete package, amiright?

And while little donuts with raisins could be your Dutch cup of tea, I’m a big, fluffy, glazed donut kind of gal.

Allow me to share with you the easiest, tasty treat you can make that will impress the hell outta anyone.

Never again do you have to look at the donuts in the break room with sadness. Bring in a batch or two of these and you’ll be amazed at how how fast they go and what a rockstar you’ll become.

Here’s my recipe for both vanilla and chocolate gluten free donuts. All you really need to know is my gluten free flour mix. I use three types of flour combined and mix up a batch of this at least once a week.


Gluten Free Flour Mix

6 cups Rice Flour

2 cups Potato Starch

1 cup Tapioca Starch

Mix and store in airtight container.