Why Social Marketing?

I can't say it's the way for everyone,

but it's definitely something you should look at, Boo.

I mean, hear me out.

I went to University and did the responsible route. I got a steady job in healthcare.

I tried to be an employee, I mean I really, really did.

But if I could just earn off my sweet, healthy lifestyle, that would be the easiest, right?!

I know you don't want to hear this Boo, but...

enter network marketing.

I mean here's the thing. We are all purchasing items like toothpaste, shampoo and vitamins already, so why not pay ourselves?

Why should I buy Fenty and help Rhianna get richer? The KJ Lipkits feature awful ingredient lists and I'm not so sure I want to contribute to the Kardashian Empire thankyouverymuch.

The health and wellness movement is huge right now, and there is no denying we are in a convergence of trends in the market. Online sales are through the roof (look how many big-box retailers are shutting down doors) as well as the rise in self-employment.

I'm your friend, so I'm going to tell you:

You need to capitalize on this.

There are so many models out there, pick one that knocks your socks off. An awesome product you love already and a business model that isn't yucky. Obviously I want you to come work with me, but I get it. My company isn't for everyone. If you love your Walmart hair spray and MAC lipstick that the itty bitty bunnies try out first, ya, I don't have what you're looking for. 

What I  do is teach people how to look for quality ingredients in the products they are using, why it matters and redirect their spending into an online store that has it all. Either my store, or theirs (YOURS!) that simple. With consumable products, and income generated from the sales only, never recruitment, you've got a winning business model.

And in the beginning, you really just fall in love with premium ingredients, the greenest distribution system out there and a way of life...but now I'm getting side-tracked.

So, have you ever dreamt about working from home? But in a BIG way? Say an international business kind of way? 'Cause that's what I love to teach.

Do you know you want to own your own business but are not sure where to invest, or how much? Guess what, with Network Marketing it's peanuts invested for the return if you work. 

Have you tried online and nothing ever clicked? Ok, for real, I want to know!

Comment way down in the depths below (why so far down?! IDK) but I think you should really just shoot me over a message directly.

If you made it this far you are obviously diggin' my vibe and want to join my tribe, amiright?

I teach a 100% online health and wellness business model with a super green company. If you want to snoop around my business but don't want to (gasp!) talk to me, join in this free masterclass to check out a little bit of what I do online with this thing.


I'm not asking you to quit your day job.

I'm just saying that you could.