Kinda-Keto Meal Plan

Ever tried the Keto diet and fail so hard?

like, every three weeks you'd give it a go... 

and just fail harder every time?

Yah, I think that's because it's not meant to be anything more that an occasional thing you do.

Hear me out on this one, it's actually not going to take long...


1. Eliminating an entire food group

Hear Ye Hear Ye: I am NOT an official Scientist. YET.

But isn't cutting out an entire food group for an unknown, extended period of time, kinda risky? Like, in the grand-scheme-of-life-this-hasnt-been-studied-or-proven-successful-LONGTERM scary?

When I think of long term health and wellness, what that looks like and how I wish to sustain that goal, I personally don't want to restrict entire food groups. Specific food products, sure, but I don't know about cutting out a grain that (evolutionary-speaking) we've been living off for over 10,000 years. Some studies (hello Nat Geo) give a generous 100,000 years of consuming the starch. 

I don't really want to f*** with that kind of stat. #justsayin


2. Mental Health Struggles

Is the constant mental anguish of trying not to cheat good for our mental well-being? 

This is one I never EVER considered until witnessing it over and over again in a KETO group that kicked me out. Sure, I posted a compassionate suggestion that maybe all these really sad, depressed people that were posting they feel like garbage for falling off the wagon CONTINUOUSLY needed to give themselves grace. Before the post got taken down, of the 100,000+ members that were in there, I had more positive, thankful and kind responses from members saying they 'needed to hear that' which got me thinking. 

Is the demands of a rigid diet worth the (potential) depression and self-loathing that accompanies an unavoidable cheat day?

After working with some clients that joined in the 15 Day Kickstarter, listening to their struggles, goals and past attempts, I knew this blog had to be written. If only for the support of one person that may read this and realize: You are NOT a failure. Lifestyle changes and diets have to be REALISTIC, SUSTAINABLE, and HEALTHY.

Podcast episode on this very topic!

3. Long-Term Effects

BTW isn't a Ketogenic diet recommended for intermittent use? As in, not continuous? 

Going back to the ol' "this germ has been around for ages" point I made up top, I also don't see a lot of long-term studies supporting this diet for anything more than 5, 10 years max.

Some health problems I would imagine we'll see is an even higher increase in Type 2 Diabetes, as blood sugar levels are hard to regulate without the use of carbs. Not impossible, but for the average 'dieter' out know what I'm sayin? And perhaps Type 3 Diabetes too, still lots to learn there. And then add everything we've learned in the last thirty years about high fat diets being associated with heart disease, obesity and cancer and you can call this girl out. 

These are just a few questions I have with the Ketogenic Diet as a forever lifestyle kinda thing. My goal is for you to feel well, balance and perhaps heal any gut trauma you may have from an extreme elimination diet. 

But if you are just here to hit-it-and-quit-it, be sure to at least take a peak at this thoughtfully curated Kinda-Keto Meal Plan below. 

it will give you great results both short and longterm and won't leave you crying in the corner with the keto flu.

Ya, you're going to want to check that out, because it's a real thing.

I would love to hear your views below on something you maybe never considered before reading this.

Until next time,




In fact, I believe more people would do if it didn't seem so daunting.

If you are looking for a more guided approach in a supportive group format, then lets talk. I've got just the program for you, fill out your deets below and I’ll be in touch shortly.