#08...about living a 'soberful' life with Psychotherapist Veronica Valli

Meet Veronica


A registered Psychotherapist based out of the East Coast of USA and specializing in coaching people through sobriety. Her education and training are extensive and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to sit down and chat with her about creating a ‘soberful’ life.

Check out the full episode below or on iTunes as well as a list of some of Veronica’s advice on how to live a ‘soberful’ life down below.

Find Veronica’s free Facebook Support group here and be sure to check out all the services she has available by visiting her website at veronicavalli.com

If you or a loved one are struggling with sobriety and are looking for government-based resources, please visit the Canadian Centre for Drug and Substance Abuse website for helpline listings by province.

My own personal journey to sobriety has been a natural progression as my awareness and education grows around toxins and the effects they have internally.

While I do not, nor have I ever, considered myself to have a drinking problem, removing the option from my personal drink menu has been the best decision for me and my health. I choose to avoid alcohol for a variety of health reasons, but also because I’m pretty sure I’ve never woken up the next day psyched about my behaviour the night before when drinking. Or maybe it is because the two-day hangovers now as a parent are no joke.

Not having a drink has always been an easy yes/no for me, but I can appreciate this isn’t the case for many. It can be hard when your entire social group entertains themselves every chance they get with alcohol, and your decision to abstain can leave them feeling judged. A weird vibe brews, and maybe you find out the hard way who your real friends are.

Here are a few of Veronica’s suggestions on how you can live your best SOBERFUL life.

On getting sober within a peer group:

‘There is a bridge you have to cross…there are people around you that won’t understand; and it will be slightly weird and awkward sometimes but that will go very quickly. Now, you’re real friends, they’ll understand.’

On mindset shifts to help with sobriety:

‘At first it’s hard, you have to put some work into it; it has to be your main thing because here’s the thing: alcohol is not actually your main problem…it’s a symptom of the problem. The problem is much deeper and you’ve got to do some deeper work.’

On building (sober) relationships:

‘the connection and belonging you have (without alcohol) is meaningful, authentic … genuine and sustainable. It’s just so much richer.’



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