#04...about keto vs gluten-free diets

Welcome to my first solo-cast.

I’ll be trickling into the Karina talks too much podcast on the fly with issues I can’t wait to talk more about. The first topic for my premiere solo-cast is one that has been on my mind for a LONG time!

Hey guys, it’s me!


I’m staging a fight, and it’s between two popular wellness movements right now, keto VS gluten-free diets.

Listen in as I share some reasons why you may want to put off flirting with that illusive bad-boy Keto and stick to lifestyle changes that are realistic and sustainable, long-term.


Reasons why I think the ketogenic diet should not be used as a long-term lifestyle change:

  • eliminating an entire food group can be jolting to your metabolism, as mentioned in National Geographic Magazine article The Next Green Revolution . A great read if you’re into historical food facts;

  • mental health issues can pop up or become exasperated due to the severe limitations and restrictions it can pose on a person;

  • Long term effects: Harvard Health Publishing article on the ketogenic lifestyle and if it is heart healthy seem to echo’s what I mention in this podcast about dangers to your health long-term with this diet. Initially, keto can be great for quick weight loss but the long-term sustainability of this diet proves to be too difficult for reliable data to be gathered.

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