Gluten Free Frosted Animal Cookie


Are they carnivores, herbivores or omNOMNOMivores?

You know how sad it is that my children have never experienced the pure indulgence of biting off the head of a giraffe animal cookie? Then how twisted I thought I might be after I had the thought?

This fact dawned on me the other day, and then that led me down a dunkaroo-craving sized rabbit hole. But that is another post for another day, because turns out I can re-make those gluten-free too but the more important question is should I?


Getting these guys together for the kids school bake sale were my compromise. They held up really well and are a super yummy gluten free version of the classic frosted animal cookies.

And we went with dinosaurs, because well, #boymom.

Check out the recipe and be sure to follow these tips:

  1. Refrigerate dough for no less than two hours initially

  2. Always keep the dough cold/chilled when cutting shapes

  3. Make the cookies 1 day and decorate another to save your sanity, sweetheart.