Gluten Free Pierogi's


Gluten Free Pierogi Recipe

They don’t bust open when boiling.

The dough is easy to handle and can take multiple roll-outs.

This recipe is so fun and easy your kids will take some of the labour off your hands if you let them.

They don’t even TASTE gluten free!

Have I got your attention yet?

I’m not going to hold you ransom with some boring story from my life before giving you the recipe, no sirreee.

I know you want this recipe so bad…

but warning … if you’re anything like me and know that once you acquire such recipe perfection it means you’re going to be making huge batches and turn into an old Polish Mamusia and get all … “it’s being 84 years” since I first decided to make these beauties…

Handle this recipe with care ;)

PS I have used the traditional pierogi method in the the instructions and please note there is another way. You see, I am lazy and therefore roll out all my dough at once to 1/8' inch thick. I then use a cookie cutter and re-roll the scrap dough. The gfree flour can handle lots of manipulation so go with whatever method works best for you.



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