Vegetarian Lasagne

image found  here

image found here

…and poof! zucchinis be gone!

I hope you are not drowning in zucchinis like I am.

Every year I try to round up the best recipes to clear them out and this one is my favourite, number one go to gal.


It uses a shit-tonne of zucchini primarily.

But mostly because it tastes so.dammmmn.delicious.

I like to make my own sauce because it’s so friggin easy and cheap why wouln’t you? All you need is a diced onion, carrots, a pepper and can of tomatoes and your basically Cucina Antica. Throw in some wild oregano and fresh basil and you should basically be charging for this, illhaveyouknow.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!



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