Top 10 Gluten Free Cities in the World

 You love to travel and you looooove to eat, so why not eat your way through the best rated gluten-free cities in the world?!

You are going to be so excited to see the cities on this list that I bet you’ll be snapping your fingers over to find the cutest little loft on air bnb in the top rated country…oh sorry, was that just me?

Check them out below and be sure to read my tips for staying healthy and avoiding gluten while staying in a hotel.

Start the car!

Staying in a upscale fancy resort or hotel usually means a couple restaurants options available too. Gluten free isn't new and for the most part, as long as you are aware and communicating your needs to wait staff there' shouldn't be a problem.

It's when the late night snack attack hits and you're alone in your room questioning if you can make decent pho in the coffee pot or not.

Thats when maybe a fancy hotel wasn't the best idea...

Listen Boo, you're going to want to hit up the local markets or shops to have quick, reliable snacks on hand like:

If your hotel doesn't really do gluten free or there is nothing on the menu that you're after, search online. I like to use social sites like twitter or facebook and use queries like "best gluten free in Toronto" or "Vancouver gluten free bakery". Yes, google can throw up a list for me too, but I like to see the customer reviews and as much 'real-time' information about the place I'm heading out to see.

Be sure to share your favourite gluten-free restaurants and food options in a comment below! Qualifications and more data regarding this list and its source, found here.