#09...about social media minimalism with Nas Echieva


Nas is a marketing strategist that helps small to mid-sized businesses grow and cultivate relationships between brands and audiences.

She is a wealth of knowledge and shares many tips on the podcast about how to prioritize your time and make the most of out your content.

Check out the full episode below as well as a list of some of Nas’ best tips to staying on track below.

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On foundations of social success

To ensure you are not wasting your time, be confident in your strategies from the start and stick to them. It can be so easy to compare and switch over strategies when you see something working for someone else. I choose to take advantage of auto-schedulers, time blocking and the ‘unfollow’ button because I’m clear on the content I am sharing, who I want to see it and how much of my time I want to devote to obsessing over my popularity.

By getting clear on why you have chosen to grow the way you are, you are way more likely to stick to it.

Nas describes setting yourself up for social success by understanding who your ideal client is, don’t try and serve everyone because the internet is a very very very big place filled with people. That task is impossible. Narrow down the type of person that is looking for your product or service and go from there. I like to think about where they shop, what they drive, what job they have, what their favourite movie might be-that kind of stuff.

Next be sure to follow hashtags to find posts and connect with others by commenting on their work. Do some digging and find a few, not a lot, of people you know are about the same things you are. Connect by commenting, liking and engaging with their accounts over time. This include people in your industry you may think as competition. There is plenty of room at the top for all of us, like-minded people are #sameteam!!

It’s not all about social anymore, is it? As we know, or hear me talk about all the time in the Social Club, we don’t own our social followings. We can loose our accounts overnight and all that hard work of ‘likes’ was for what? Email lists (and your own .com) are about the only thing you actually own in an online presence. It’s in your best interested to grow BOTH an email list and social following.

On Less is More

How can you create less content and increase your growth? There are lots of techniques, but one of the easiest is to rotate your content across your social sites throughout the week because people may not be on both sites, every day. Sharing content a few times is ok, especially as the algorithms on sites change so quickly.

The easiest way to create daily content is to utilize live stories. The content is not expected to be perfect, as we all know it only sticks around for 24 hours tops, and people engage more with the real life version of you…they like to see you are a normal human with bad hair days too.

How to engage in stories?

Get personal. Share your origin story. Just talk.

Stories are a great way for your fans to connect back with you, because to reply to a story, it goes directly in direct messages. Sometimes people refrain from liking or commenting on things because it is public. Sliding into your DM’s is even better than likes/comments if they are your ideal client.

Getting to know your audience is an integral part in building committed social followings. It is all about knowing who your audience is so you can speak directly to them.

So what do you think? Was this episode the kick in the pants you needed to do less in your social media management?

I want to hear about it below!



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