Gluten Free Kid-Friendly Snacks & Desserts

Hold up, you want my very best recipe of all? Get everyone involved!

Here are three tips for how to engage you kids in the kitchen.


Include you little one(s) in the entire food system, from shopping, food planning and prep along with serving.

One thing I realized really quickly when I saw the long-term commitment my kids and their Dad have to have with their gluten free diet is that they need to help themselves. All of you needy boys, do you hear me!?

Jokes aside, I have had my youngest in the kitchen with me since day one. I would plop him up on the counter to help engage with the whole dance of getting our food from raw food source, to completed meal.

  1. Ask.

    Ask your kid what they want to munch on; to point to food they’re curious about; if they want to come with you shopping and have a hot-drink date for their hard work? I mean, the questions are endless, but the point is to include them in this process. I like to get my youngest to look through cookbooks geared to kids and pick some recipes to try. We will shop the list and he’ll take the lead when we get back in the kitchen.

  2. Give them too much rope.

    Stand back. Let them squirm a bit. The first time my kids cracked eggs, they all had different reactions to the gross that then encompassed their ‘freshly washed hands, mum!’. i like to watch them pick the pots, utensils, knives etc they think they need and just sort of hang back. Yes, it can be hard and I’m in no way saying watch you kid grate his knuckles, but the only way YOU learned not to cut your finger off, was to not cut your finger off, right? Same same.

  3. Reel them back in.

    Make no joke of the efforts they had in the meal everyone is enjoying at meal time. I like to get whomever helped out the say what they did and what was maybe good/bad about it. Teaching your kids to be proud of this skill is great, but teaching them how to inspire and educate everyone at their table about their meal, to maybe even take a swing at it, well that’s what it’s all about.



When I was little I was not really into sweets.

I mean, I was an adult before I had my first rice krispee treat. What a loss, I know, hey?!

I don’t know if it was because everything was just too sweet or I just would get a sore stomach…I don’t know guys. I can’t remember last week.

But what I do know is my kids are always game for whatever I throw at them on their dinner plate if they see tasty dessert or snack of some sort as a reward if they comply.

I serve greens like it’s going outta style, so the greener the plate, the better the dessert…protein balls aren’t going to fly after my green bean casserole is served.

Here is a collection of our favs for you to check out, I hope you’ll give them a try and leave a link to your fav recipe with me on your fav social media channel or below.

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