Karina talks too much podcast is HERE!

Listen up, Buttercup!

I have started a podcast! After (almost) a year of talking myself in and out of it, I made the decision to be all in this February, and haven't looked back.

Why did I decide to start a podcast?

I had been having some really great conversations over the last year with business leaders, innovators and self-help ingenues and knew the time had come to hit record so others could learn from their brilliance. I knew right off the get-go I wasn’t going to be able to censor myself completely, and I’m cool with that, so I hope you are too! The people I work with (and want to partner with in the future) are always going to be more comfortable in their own everyday language when discussing real issues at hand, and I know I am the same way.

Why is it called Karina talks too much? You’re going to scare people away with that!

It’s funny because last summer when I was ‘shopping’ the idea around (let’s be real: I was on the bleachers at swim lessons blabbing to my #momfriends) the response I got to the title was a genuine belly laugh, and then a sentiment of concern that nobody “new” would tune in.

And I totally got it.

It was probably the biggest hold up for me, too. And what held me up for so long, so I decided to take a quick poll in an online support group for podcasting which had (at the time) around 40K members. When I pitched the idea, it wasn’t so much of an “oh' that’s cute, go for it!” it was a knee-jerk “YOU HAVE TO DO THIS IMMEDIATELY” kinda thing.

Many loved the tongue in cheek attitude of the post; how you kind-of have to talk too much to even consider podcasting in the first place. Others took a feminist standpoint on it and shouted louder than all:

“Your podcast is for every woman who has ever been told she talks too much, just because she had the audacity to speak at all.”

Well shit.

Now I had to go with it, right?

Obviously that comment garnered a guest spot on the show (keep an eye out for an upcoming episode on money manifestation with Jasmine!) and from there, I was not only able to get over myself, but also get my first handful of guests for the show. I asked a few local friends and business partners, and they agreed way easier than I anticipate! Now I'm up and rolling with a ten episode line-up with some heavy topics and fresh insights on ideas we circle around in health and wealth all the time.

I'm so excited to roll out this new content for you!

If you are looking for a new podcast, this one is a place where women gather for inspiration, education and to engage in the sisterhood of running wild into our greatness. Sound like you? Subscribe on iTunes.

Buckle up, babe, the Karina talks too much podcast is unleashed on iTunes! Listen to the first episode now by clicking links below and let me know what you think about the show on the show notes page!



PS I've also started up a free online support group where we can share ideas and honesty about these shared experience we in our life. You can join in the #talkstoomuchtribe here and be sure to bring in your business-bestie, we love a rich-opinionated group!