Gluten Free Meal Plan

Welcome to whats about to be the best food week of your life, are you ready for this?

It's Taco Tuesday EVERY NIGHT of the week!

I have helped many individuals, families and even kids transition into a gluten free lifestyle and I always start with Mexican cuisine to do it.

Why? Because who doesn’t love tacos? Right?

No but really, I have more reasons than it’s the best comfort food around.

Mexican food is (usually) corn-based which makes it’s easy to source gluten free ingredients, and makes your grocery bill a little friendlier because you’re not buying a whole whack of different ingredients.

Mexican is really just avocados, beans and cheese mixed together a bunch of different ways. Fire up a healthy protein, chop some veg and olé!

Your grocery list for this meal plan is going to consists of things like limes, cilantro, chipotles and lots and lots of corn based items like tacos, tortilla’s and chips. While most tacos are corn based, they can have may contain warnings and it’s best to steer clear of ambiguous 'spice mixes' as they are always contaminated.

Many meals are easy to throw together in under 30 minutes, and for the nights when you have more time, crowd-pleasing quesedilla are a nice touch. And I’ve never met an enchilada I didn’t like. #justsayin’

Poke through this gluten free meal plan for beginners and tell me what’s up, buttercup!

Dish on your fav recipes, your gfree struggle, how long you’ve been down a online rabbit-hole and what lead you here…I wanna know it all. Use the comments below and go make a breakfast taco. I don’t care that’s 2.30am on a Tuesday, you know you want to.



Listen, going gluten free ain't easy.

In fact, I believe more people would do if it didn't seem so daunting.

If you are looking for a more guided approach in a supportive group format, then lets talk. I've got just the program for you, fill out your deets below and I"ll be in touch shortly.