#02...about originality with Samantha Siffring

This week is a good’er!

I’m with the sweetest, most down to earth guest this week that will knock your socks off!


Samantha shares her struggle adapting to motherhood and how by embracing her mental health and help others, she was able to grown a successful online business

Today, she is a business and mindset coach that works her online business from her home in Denver, Colorado.

She is a Mom of three and somehow has convinced her husband to cook dinner every night like a hero. #winning

Listen to her spout all her wisdom on building originality in to your brand and business, and please know she is the real deal. Samantha holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology & Marketing and a Master’s in Counselling.

So preach sister. PREACH.

Find Samantha on Facebook at Samantha Siffring Coaching, Insta at @samanthahms on her podcast, The Badass Mother Podcast and at her website, www.samanthasiffring.com


Advice from Samantha

…on sharing strong opinions

“are what attract people to you and are important to put out…

"I ask myself ‘how can I further the relationships I have in my audience by putting this (content) out there?’

…on her past in MLM

“was … a turning point for me point to reawakened a lot of the pieces of who I was before (kids).”

…on journalling to find your message

“really think through whatever it is you are offering, think of all the different results, breakthroughs YOU have gotten from it…that exercise can be your jumping off point for your unique message”

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