#03...about health and fitness with Allison Jackson

If you’re anything like me, you are thinking about getting healthier and fit, but have a hard time following through with it all. I may have groaned extra hard when Allison shared with us how she fits in her workouts, but I’ll tell you one thing: She’s been in my head since this recording about how to carve out the time I need to accomplish my fitness goals.

Meet Allison Jackson, an online fitness coach


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Allison is a certified Nutrition Coach and Fitness Trainer based out of northern New Jersey, USA. She helps corporate moms reach their fitness goals and get lean using food they love.

An ANBF Masters Figure Pro, Allison knows what it takes to push your body to the next level, and encourages you to go for it no matter your age!

Find Allison on Instagram at AllisonJacksonFitness and grab her online freebie, healthy on the go food options, here.


Allison sounds off

On the ketogenic diet:

  • “You can’t cut out entire food groups and be sustainable. You can’t, it’s a fad…”

On mentorship:

  • “No matter what your goal in life, whether it is training for a competition, or business or your career hiring a coach and being able to fast track their knowledge and their experience, is huge. and will just help you tenfold.”

On do-over’s in her business:

  • “I would definitely recommend getting extra help (like a virtual assistant) where you can.”

On what’s best for clients: coaching one on one or group?

  • “I think people really don’t the realize how they benefit from being in a community…I love the camaraderie and the support they give each other because they are on the same journey.

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