#12...about money manifestation with Yolanda Boyarin

Meet Yolanda

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Yolanda Boyarin is the Money Relationship Guru behind the brand Manifest Mad Money. Her mission and goal is to help women create and manifest the life and business of their dreams all while feeling completely fulfilled, passionate and aligned. She is the perfect mix of strategy and woo that helps bring out the confident, thriving and abundant version of you!

Check out the full episode below as well as a list of some of Yolanda’s best tips to staying on track with your money manifesting.

Find Yolanda at her website manifestmadmoney.com


Yolanda speaks about mindset and manifestation in this podcast episode and give us some great tips on how we can achieve the business and lifestyle we seek. One way she stays on track with her personal goals is through daily mantras. Here are a few of hers:

  • I’m open to opportunities coming my way

  • Who’s going to pay me today?

  • practicing to be grateful for what you have NOW

  • treat your money like it’s your friend

Here is Yolanda’s top quotable from the show:

The thing you are trying to accomplish is going to take as long as you give it.

If you are interested in checking out the services she provides directly to clients be sure to check out her website mentioned above, and be sure to check out her program on how to kickstart your Poshmark Side biz, as mentioned in the episode, available here.

What are some money manifestation tips you have used that have been successful in achieving your goals? Be sure to leave them below in the comments for us all to fan-girl over and leave us one step closer to the total boss babes we are destined to be!



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