#13...about living with audacity with Melissa Stuart

Meet Melissa

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Melissa Stuart is a wife and mom of 4, multi-passionate entrepreneur, and host of the Live with Audacity Podcast which aims to encourage you to have the courage to be true to yourself and use your unique gifts and talents to serve others through your purpose.

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Find Melissa on Facebook at her Live with Audacity Page and be sure to check out her Podcast of the same name!


One the first things that struck me about Melissa was her passion and enthusiasm for living her true self. As you’ll discover in this episode, we have A LOT in common but the shared spirit of being real with ourselves is a strong common bond.

Melissa encourages us to use our unique time and talents to serve others and is a beacon for the #uglyofreallife movement I’ve been chasing after for a while now. Her honest, real and raw take on life’s proverbial clichés are so refreshing, you are going to want to follow her around on all the things, for sure.

With her about-to-launch Podcast titled Live with Audacity on the way, you better believe this Texan is encouraging us all to leave it all on the table, respectfully rumbling our way into better lives, jobs, relationships.

Be sure to check out the full episode above or on your fav media player.

And let’s hear it, how do you live you life with audacity?



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