#15...about school nutrition with Dalia Kinsey

Meet Dalia

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Dalia Kinsey is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and School Nutrition Specialist on a mission to make nutrition and wellness simple and fun.

She makes health accessible to people who hate exercise and dieting by encouraging body respect and joyful movement.

Together we talk about the principals of intuitive eating, effects of diet culture and how to encourage kids to make healthy choices.

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Dalia's principals for intuitive eating are:

  1. abandon diet culture

  2. tune into your satiety signals

  3. make movement joyful

Diet culture is responsible for more eating disorders, metabolism breakdowns and various other health situations that could have been avoided. Dalia talks about how by abandoning diet culture entirely we can regain joy within our food.

She encourages nutrition practices to be natural and enjoyable, not only in the foods we try, but also in movement. By teaching kids at a young age to find an activity that they love, instead of boring exercise they should really do, we can help reinforce healthy lifestyle choices.

Dalia also talks about self-regulation practices and how to get back to basics by paying attention to your own satiety signals, eating only when you're hungry and stopping when you are full.

This can become problematic in the work or school environment so she shares ways in which we can continue to practice intuitive eating even on a tight schedule.

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