#16...about team management with Melorna Lloyd

Meet Melorna

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Melorna is an Online Business Manager that specializes in team management. She can help to manage growing to-do lists, streamlining operations and simplifying daily schedules. In this episode we talk about productivity and delegation specifically, read the show notes below to get a full description and enjoy the show!

Visit Melorna’s website to learn more about her services and how you can work directly.


Supporting another’s success won’t ever dampen yours.

This is one of the main reasons why I love the social marketing industry: there is enough room at the top for everyone. In fact, your success is actually achieved through helping others build legitimate and sustainable businesses, so a ‘lack mindset will never, ever help a team fly.

Managing a team can be two things:

  1. Babysitting (it’s like you’re a helicopter parent, but instead of your kid figuring it out and off they go, they quit and you as mother-hen are spending your time constantly retraining new little chicks.)

  2. Flying on Autopilot (sounds great right? it totally is.)

In this podcast episode on team management, Melorna shares many examples and comparisons but my favourite take-aways from her is knowing when to automate your process; and when to implement a project management tool.

Both are excellent solutions to help scale any business but where the magic comes from is people like Melorna (🙋‍♀️or myself) that can show you how to keep your brand human in the process.

This is so important.

Clients want to feel valued and special, and sometimes sms automation can be sticky and robotic and then clients disengage.

Finding the right balance for you as business owner, and also the needs of your client can be tricky at first.

Take a listen to the episode and reach out to us if you want help moving forward in your empire building ways ;)



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