#18...about goal planning with Naphtali Roberts

Meet Naphtali

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Naphtali Roberts is a Business Coach and strategist for true creatives who are ready to build and grow a profitable business.

She is a mother of 3, wife to a creative entrepreneur, host of The Everyday Mind Podcast and has spent the last 17 years studying the psychology of growth( personal and business) and helping many people create and reach their goals.

She wants to live in a world where creatives tune into their creative awesomeness confidently without consistently being plagued by self-doubt, creative chaos and shiny object syndrome.

More on Naphtali and our episode together below.

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If you haven’t listened to the episode yet, be sure you do so you know what I’m talking about!

Naphtali can sure deliver a truth bomb hey?

At least two times in this episode she left me a little speechless, and for a girl with a podcast called Talks Too Much, that means something, hey?

Naphtali has some great ideas to help us reach our goals, and she really breaks it down for us in this episode, but I think one my favorite bits from it is the way she organizes her calendar. Color-Coded.

That’s right people. COLOR. CODED.

I mean, I thought I had the color coordination down for my calendars (Mom is pink, Dad is red, Rome is green, etc etc) but she showed us how to take that NEXT level.

Naphtali describes the events in her days as either consistently reoccurring and un-movable (like breakfast, getting dressed and the kids ready) scheduled or flexible. Each event fits into one of those categories and she pays close attention to the ones in the ‘flexible’ calendar.

For example, let’s say she keeps moving a mundane task from one week to the next, until eventually having to address it, tackle the job and take it off the list entirely. Naphtali asks herself: ‘Why are you avoiding it? What about it makes you run the other way? Can you outsource that?’ and this helps heaps!

Naphtali is a true free spirit that loves to be sporadic and have fun and thus birthed this great idea around organizing your time!

The color-coded calendar approach and her guidebook on self-care (mentioned in the episode) will give you so many tools to go and crush any goal you have lingering in your heart!

Visit Naphtali’s website to work with her directly and be sure to leave a comment below on what you thought about the episode!



PS! If you’re a coffee nut like Naphtali and want to check out the company she was talking about in this episode, it’s called Seven Seas Coffee and found here


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