#05...about daring anxiety with Laurie Ashley

Meet Laurie Ashley


She is a branding and marketing consultant who has been featured on sites like The HuffingtonPost and Thrive Global.

Her positivity is contagious and energy just like our very own real-life version of Little Miss Sunshine. Today on the podcast, we talk about braving through anxiety and how to continue working towards your goals

She has lots of marketing and wellness content over on her blog, so be sure sure sure to go check her out on all the things!

Find Laurie on Instagram at @laurieashleys and visit her blog at laurieashley.com


Here are a few of Lauries top tips:

  • The Desire Mapping and Planners Laurie mentioned can be found here.

  • Use time-blocking to help combat anxiety, and don’t try to get it all done on one day!

  • feel your feelings, and give them great monikers, such as nervous-ite-ed: for when you’re feeling specifically nervous and excited!

On letting things go:

  • “learning what matters and what doesn’t matter is a huge thing and I think we all go through our own journey to figuring that out.”

On creating genuine online relationships:

  • “I think we’re lucky….one thing I have found to really help to engage with people’s emotions and more of that body language and realness is through Instagram (or Facebook) stories…It allows you to see the realness”

further reading:

  • Fast facts about mental illness in Canada, found here.

  • If you are struggling with mental illness and in crisis, you can call Crisis Services Canada at 1-833-456-4566 or text 45645; or

    Text HOME to 741741 anywhere in the USA for free support.

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