#06...about growing bolder, not older with Shelley Goerzen

With shared personal stories and inspiration from the likes of Rachel Hollis to Abraham Hicks, Shelley and I manage to talk too much about the one topic westerner’s HATE to talk about: Aging

Listen in!


Shelley is a passionate member of her community, a healthcare worker and fellow #bonbabe.

Today she shares with us how to be empowered by aging well, not just aging with acceptance. She inspires others to seek wellness through positive psychology, creating space for a positive mindset. And I can’t wait for you to meet her!

Find Shelly on Facebook here and in her group, Bolder, not Older.

Here are a few of Shelley’s top Quotables:

on her social media usage:

“I am intentionally focusing on positive affirmations; any kind of (media) that inspires me … to grow and do better, and be better.”

on becoming your own health advocate:

“each person has to be ready in their own way.”

Recommendations on positive psychology:

  • Heal Documentary on Netflix

  • Abraham Hicks

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